Good Luck

Concept packaging


This project explores obsessive-compulsive tendencies I developed as a child. I kept this bell by my bed, making sure to ring it precisely three times before I went to sleep each night, a fear weighing on my back that if I refused or forgot to do so, my parents would be killed gruesomely during the night by intruders or demons, and the fault of the deaths would be mine.

By combining the ornate and beautiful shiny trinket with the horrific and guilt-inducing obsession, this illustrates the world of a child exploring unknown powers, magic, and mysticism. Drawing upon these themes, the identity of this project is strange and otherworldly, imaginative and influenced by fortune, luck, and spirituality.


The bell, the source of my obsession, is encased in plastic, invoking the imagery of a fortune-telling crystal ball. It is fitted within a rich mahogany-textured package. The bottom is hollow to allow for LED lights to illuminate the bell in a haunting manner. The bell package is surrounded by smaller "scrolls" - contracts and words of binding that allow others to engage in the same obsession I developed.