Remaking the Visitor Experience

Wayfinding, Visitor Experience, Digital


Facing a mismatched collection of signage leftover from emergency pandemic regulations and directions from over the last couple of years, the entryway to the Exploratorium was in dire need of a refresh.


This project started with taking inventory of every sign currently on the museum floor. I recorded over 100 signs and created a sharable spreadsheet for the design team to repeatedly reference during this project as we outlined our goals.


This initiative, as part of the Remaking the Visitor Experience, sought to improve visitor wayfinding and satisfaction when they first walk in the door. A sub-brand and signage standards for future designs were created, as well as templates for the signage. I created the first drafts of signage as well as digital signage for the ticketing corridor.

Digital Signage

Design Team

2D Design Team Lead: Henni Yama. 2D Designers: Lutzka Zivny and Maj Jenkins.