Wayfinding, Print and Digital Signage

Remaking the Visitor Experience

A complete refresh of museum signage at the Exploratorium's entryway.

Infographics, Exhibit Signage, Exhibition Design

The Great Animal Orchestra

The West Coast premiere of an audioimmersive art experience exploring the natural world. Exploratorium Summer Exhibition 2023.

Environmental Design Research, Map Design

Exploratorium Map Redesign Experiment

An experiment in museum navigation, accessibility, and design.

Installation, print, illustration, laser cutting, Augmented Reality


A retelling of Homer’s Odyssey that explores how patriarchal structures shape familial relationships and examines how storytelling can close emotional distance between parents and children.

Brand identity, Website design, Print

Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema

A full identity refresh, website redesign, and print collateral for a local San Francisco-based film festival nonprofit.

Community Engagement, Print, Web, Textile Art


A conceptual art piece in which 292 pledges standing in solidarity against 292 anti-Asian incidents in San Francisco are inserted into red envelopes (lai see) and combined to create a protective garment shielding one from violence.

Print, Illustration

Passport of United Angels

A détournement of an illustrated 1960s catalogue of Northeastern American seabirds, creating a graphic booklet addressing the harrowing journeys and injustices faced by Mexican immigrants at the Southern US border.

Concept Art, Packaging

Good Luck

A piece investigating obsessive-compulsive tendencies, combining the ornate and beautiful with the horrific and guilt-inducing, an illustration of the world of a child exploring unknown powers, magic, and mysticism.

Print, Typography

Dead Type

Explorations of historical typefaces from separate categories of type and periods of history. This project involved research into the development of European type throughout the centuries and the historical context in which they arose.

Interactive Game


A satirical game taking on Orientalist media tropes - play to avenge your family's honor!

Interactive Game


A conceptual game about the death, life, and purgatory of trauma.